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Erik partners with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting in working with legislatures, regulators, and tribal governments to inform evidence-based regulations and provide tailored implementation support, research solutions, and communications services.

Our Governent Clients

Erik has been on the frontlines of legalization since 2016. From developing policy in the legislature, to serving as a top cannabis regulator in state government, to national consultant. Navigating legalization at any level is complex. Erik can help guide lawmakers and regulators through the numerous challenges that state and tribal governments face with legalization.

Erik partners with Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC) to form a collective of researchers, data scientists, public health professionals, policy experts and former cannabis regulators, who work together towards bring much needed data, innovation, and nuance to cannabis policymaking. Erik and CPPC utilize comprehensive data and trusted methodologies to develop a wide range of custom products and services to meet your needs.

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State cannabis programs hinge on the framework of laws and agency rules. Whether you're drafting legalization legislation, department bills, or agency rules, Erik offers the expertise to navigate this critical process.

Best Practices

States have refined effective policies over time. Best practices in licensing, tracking, packaging, labeling, and more should be core elements of regulatory systems. Erik assists agencies in integrating these practices into their programs.


The early days are crucial to ensure long-term success. Whether scaling an agency, building new systems, or developing SOPs, Erik can assist in planning and guide your steps to avoid future setbacks.


Proper technology and systems are crucial to running a high functioning regulatory agency. Erik can help implement new systems, refine current systems, recommend new technologies and educate on data collection practices to better inform agency initiatives.


The public servants who administer cannabis programs are the most valuable resource. Erik can help design an agency and organization chart to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in positions critical to the longer-term success of a regulatory agency.


Often time lawmakers or regulators simply need someone to call. An important decision, collaboration on strategy, or a generic question. Erik can be that person to call. Whatever you’re experiencing, he’s been there.

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