Erik continues to be at the forefront of legalization efforts, influencing the evolution of the cannabis landscape.

Erik works with a select few, non-plant touching, ancillary companies which provide products or services that bring value to cannabis regulators and the entire cannabis ecosystem.

Whether you’re a large company or a small startup, if your products or services help create more equitable, sustainable, and safer cannabis and hemp markets, Erik is interested in talking.


Government Relations

Erik maintains crucial connections with influential decision-makers, offering the potential to strategically position your business for success.


Erik can serve as a seasoned advocate for your business, ensuring strategic representation and leveraging valuable expertise to navigate complex landscapes for sustained growth and success.


Erik excels at crafting smart policies that can adeptly promote a company's interests, garnering support from key stakeholders and guiding them through an intricate process.


Access to timely information and insightful analysis can confer a competitive advantage to your business. Leveraging Erik's expertise provides companies with valuable insights into both current and future events.

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