Bringing real-life experience and expertise to cannabis legalization.

Erik Gundersen brings unparalleled expertise to cannabis legalization, blending hands-on regulatory experience with strategic policy development to navigate the complex landscape.

Public Sector

Lawmakers and regulators continue to strive for more equitable and sustainable cannabis and hemp programs. Whether legalization is being discussed in the legislature, implementation planning has begun, or refining a mature market, there is still work to be done.

Having developed cannabis policy in the legislature, served as a top state cannabis regulator, and provided guidance to over a dozen state and tribal governments, Erik can help!

Private Sector

Navigating a patchwork of cannabis and hemp policies, staying informed, and being well connected can be difficult. Whether you're a startup looking to enter the industry or an established company aiming to expand, if you believe you provide a product or service that brings value to regulators and the cannabis ecosystem, Erik can help!

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